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    A holy book must be historically and scientifically 100% correct, if a certain holy book is, say, 80% correct, this means that is partly divine and partly human.

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    "I must remind the Christians that unless they believe in the absolute unity of God, and renounce the belief in the three persons, they are certainly unbelievers in the true God ... The Old Testament and the Qur'an condemn the doctrine of three persons in God; the New Testament does not expressly hold or defend it, but even if it contains hints and traces concerning the Trinity, it is no authority at all, because it was neither seen nor written by Christ himself, nor in the language he spoke, nor did it exist in its present form and contents for - at least - the first two centuries after him."

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    "What am I doing down here? I wonder, my nose and forehead pressed to the floor as I kneel in prayer. My knee-caps ache, my arm muscles strain as I try to keep the pressure off my forehead.

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    Prophet Noah was one of the most righteous prophets, who tried hard to convince his nation to believe in God

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    The word of God should be 100% correct; it should not contradict scientific facts. We Muslims believe that the Holy Book was a divine book but later men changed in it

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    But this is something that "none is granted it (the above quality) except those who are patient — and none is granted it except the owner of the great portion (of happiness in the Hereafter, i.e., Paradise and of a high moral character) in this world" [Fussilat 41:35].


Secret Of Kaaba

Baca (Also Mecca, Mekka, Bacca, Paran) has been given a special mention in the Holy Book.

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Muhammad, the Man

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Muhammad, the Man

It was a world that aspired for the advent of a prophet, it was a nation that was aspiring  for the advent of the prophet, and there were a tribe and a family and a couple good and fit enough to beget this prophet and when that prophet came, he was matchless ; he was a man that none had his attributes and characteristics, so high were his morals to be reached by anyone, his attributes that were behind the reach of the others; those attributes that prepared him so well for that long-desired spiritual message in the his city and the Arab peninsula but rather in the whole of the world.

So noble and ancient honorable lineage that he descended from and he was never that one of the common ineffective people to the extent he hold a mean a stature among a nation that bragged about its ancient lineage and nobility.

He was, so to speak, poor, and not so rich that the power of the rich and noble makes him transgress nor does its avarice and pride petrified his heart.

He rose up orphan among merciful peoples, yet he was not spoilt as spoiling could kill in him the spirit of seriousness, the strong will and independence. He was not ostracized nor could cast down as cruelty; in this case, kill the spirit of hope or his pride or ambition or sympathy with the others.

He experienced all that kinds of life that Arabs experienced weather in the desert or the city, he was brought up in the desert and the life in the city was not strange to him. He worked as a shepherd, he worked in trade, and he witnessed wars and making allies, lived the life of moderation yet was so close to the poor.

He was a miniature of the fine Arab qualities in its best state, He was well-informed of that life that surrounded his nation, so conscious of that life that he was mindful of it, never did he let himself be indulged completely in it, so he avoided being drifted to its mire. This is Mohmmed ibn Abd Allah, who is the fittest man from the fittest family in the most favouable time for the long-awaited salvation message in a world  though hitherto unknown to the life that remained awaiting.

His advent came when his age and place were well prepared for him because it was in dire need to him. These are some of the evidence to his prophethood that stand matchless,

  No signs are more expressive than this? No Dispensation is more expressive and understandable than this.

No myth faked by myth-makers is more wonderful than this reality and success in preparing ever thing?  The signs of the truthful message reaches the standard of a doctrine that a nation needs, these signs are reasons that pave the way of the advent of this message, a message of a man who will undertake it in its due time.

If these all signs converge to support each other, so we don't seek any more signs. If these signs fail to appear, no other sign could take over of fill its place.

For nothing save being a prophet was he created, giving tides for a new message, if not what then was he created for?

What is that work in life that all of these qualities, fine morals, and attributes assigned him for? 

Had he worked in trade all his life, he would have certainly been a successful reliable merchant in this field, only a few of his attributes could avail trade while his best paramount attributes would remain pending, these were not necessary even if this kind of work became much bigger.

Had he been a leader for his nation, he would have been the best to lead them but leadership could only benefit by very few of his attributes and flairs.  For only this international message he was prepared by time and by his nature. Whoever other than Muhammad was prepared for this high position, who was prepared for it in the best way?!