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Science says that the whole of the earth , before taking its present shape, was completely immersed in water- a huge ocean. Allah (SWT) then caused a volcano to erupt at a certain area (underwater) and lava and magma started to gush out and they kept on gushing till a mountain hill appeared. It is scientifically known that the whole of the earth was one piece and then God caused deep rifts to appear, which helped in separating the cracked pieces of land apart forming the well-known seven continents
"He who believes in God and the Last Day should honour his guest, should not harm his neighbour, should speak good or keep quiet." (Bukhari, Muslim)
Unlike the Holy Book, the Holy Quran and Sunna have given women full rights
Allah is the same God that all the prophets, including Jesus, in the Holy worshipped and called their adherents to believe in and to worship
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The Rotation of the Earth Is Mentioned in the Prophet's Words

The Prophet Muhammad referred to the rotation of the earth long before science discovered this fact..

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Baca, the Locus of Islam, has been given a Special mention in the Holy Book

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God in Islam

He is not like any thing and there is nothing like unto Him

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